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Oh my gosh.

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Norm Lewis & Sierra Boggess - The Music of the Night

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Music video by Idina Menzel performing You Learn to Live Without. (C) 2014 Stone Productions, Inc./Sony Music Entertainment
I’d really wanted to watch If/Then. There are some parts that touch my heart quite deeply.

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Hey buddies,

Spider Shay here! I’m currently working on an Off-Broadway show for the next three weeks, so I’m spending my nights checking out all the shows in town. I’ve already made it to NewsiesCabaret, and If/Then.

Message me with others that I shouldn’t miss!

(And if you’re interested in seeing the play I’m working on, it’s a new play produced by Colt Coeur called Dry Land playing at HERE running September 6th through the 27th. http://here.org/shows/detail/1511/ )

1998 & 2014

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newsies appreciation week » day 2 

this is for kids shining shoes on the street
with no shoes on their feet everyday
this is for guys sweating blood in the shops
while their bosses and cops look away 

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protip: don’t get attached to broadway actors in roles, because then they leave and you cry

protip: don’t get attached to broadway shows, because then they close and you cry

protip: don’t get attached to broadway, you’ll cry

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Welcome To The Theatre - 

Lauren Bacall and the cast of Applause at the 1970 Tony Awards

"A few months ago, I asked Will Swenson (her fiancé) where Audra keeps her Tonys and he told me he could tell me where three of them are. I wanted to know why he couldn’t tell me where the fourth one was and he said it’s because Audra can’t remember what she did with it. That’s right, she has so many Tony Awards, she’s actually misplaced one."

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Hey Followers!

As you know, The Broadway Web has a new episode on the first of every month. However, this month I’ll be taking a (well deserved) summer vacation. Between working full time at summer stock and prep for an Off-Broadway production, there just hasn’t been time for a new Web.

But, don’t worry! Your regularly scheduled Broadway Webs will be back starting on September 1st.

Now go out and see some theatre!

xo Spider Shay